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Project Timeline

Present - July 2024

Anticipated Project Schedule

Phase III - Final Design and Engineering

    January - October 2020 | Construction Documents

     December 2020 | Receive Permits from INDNR 

June 2021 |USACE / IDEM Permit Submittal

October 2021| Anticipated Receipt of USACE / IDEM Permits

    November - December 2021 | Contractor Bidding & Negotiation

Phase IV - Construction Phase Services

     January 2022 - June 2023 | Construction

July 2023 | Project Close Out

August 2023 - July 2024 | Post Construction

December 2020

Certificate of Approval received from IDNR

October 2019

Project Drawings Submitted for Permitting

On October 24, 2019, the design team official submitted the project to the INDNR for permits.  Click on the homepage to see how the plan has developed.  

January 2018 - September 2019

Riverfront Master Plan Presented

On January 22, 2018, Hitchcock Design Group presented the Columbus Redevelopment Commission with the final concept for the Columbus Riverfront project.  Go back to the top of the page for the final concept presentation.  

Riverfront Plan Refined & Developed

After receiving feed back from the Master Plan presentation, the design team began design development of the Riverfront.  This months long phase required coordination with State Agencies and Community Groups.  Development of the project led to four Agency Requested Modifications to the Master Plan: 

Modification #1

     - Incorporated fish passage channel

     - Moved pedestrian trail above the ordinary high water mark

     - Eliminated mid-river universal access point

Modification #2

     - Moved pedestrian trail towards the top of the bank

     - Provided riparian habitat corridor along river bank

Modification #3

     - Incorporated rock arch ramp structure

     - Reduced amount of grout required in the structure

Modification #4 

     - Reduced amount of grout required in the structure 

November 2017

Public Open House

On November 8th, Hitchcock Design Group presented their concept for the re-envisioned Riverfront!  More than 75 people attended the open house to hear an informative presentation and ask questions.   


Riverfront Design Team meets with the Columbus Redevelopment Commission (CRC)

On November 30th, Hitchcock Design Group presented their concept for the re-envisioned Riverfront to the Columbus Redevelopment Commission!     


October 2017

Riverfront team meets with regulatory agencies

The Columbus Riverfront team met with several regulatory agencies about the Riverfront project.  Folks from IDEM, DNR, and USACOE gathered on site to review the preliminary concepts, walk the site, and give their first impressions of the project and how it looks through ‘regulatory lenses’.   We had some great discussions, learned some new information, and are ready to move forward with completing the conceptual vision of the Riverfront!  Listed below are the agencies that were present at the meeting:


DNR – Division of Water

DNR – Fish & Wildlife

DNR – Division of Historic Preservation and Archeology

IDEM – Land Quality

IDEM – Water Quality


July 2017

A Preliminary Concept is Chosen!

The design process for a project of this magnitude involves an abundance of research, collaboration, and input from stakeholders like you.  After months of research, Hitchcock Design Group has evaluated the collected data to develop a conceptual design for the east and west banks of the river.  


The sinuosity of this design concept mimics the smooth and flowing lines that define Mill Race Park, and uses a similar and readily available material pallet of limestone and concrete.  By aesthetically tying the Columbus Riverfront to Mill Race Park, Hitchcock Design Group is creating a cohesive aesthetic along the Riverfront, providing a seamless transition while traveling in and along the river.    

April 2017

Community Workshop

We had a great turn out for our community workshop on April 5th and 6th!  Click on the link below to view the presentation that was given at the workshop.



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