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We have been diligently working to ensure public input on all plans to refocus attention on our Riverfront.  We realize that this is "our" River and that the future of our community will continue to be tied to innovation and creativity.  Having a vibrant Riverfront that is developed based upon considerable community and public input is important to the future of Columbus.


We have worked with the Indiana Department of Natural Resources Division of Fish and Wildlife to review the plans and recommendations for redevelopment of a tremendous community asset.  Those plans made a priority of protecting our environment, ensuring safety in all aspects, being fiscally responsible and continuing Columbus' history and legacy of architectural quality and innovation throughout all design aspects.  

Please note that we have also presented the proposed improvements to representatives of Congressmen Pence and Governor Holcomb, who support the many benefits of the Riverfront project.  We will make updates to this website to keep you informed as the project moves forward. 

Columbus Riverfront 

Please take a few minutes to review this short video that outlines plans for

Our River ... Our Riverfront Project.  

What the Community is saying...

"Our extensive trail network not only is important to the vitality of our community, but it serves as a catalyst to development and environmental preservation which  makes our community an attractive place to live, work and play.  The Riverfront trail is the missing link in our downtown that is needed to safely connect users to Mill Race Park and the eastern and western segments of the trail network."

          - Angela C. Force

"We are very supportive of the riverfront project because of all the many ways this project will afford more opportunities for area residents to live an active lifestyle."

          - Elizabeth S. Morris, LCSW

            Director of Community Health Partnerships

"The riverfront trail will give bicyclists and pedestrians improved access and connectivity, between the north side of the city and the downtown area.  This project would positively impact all who live and work in Columbus as well as the many visitors who come each year."

          - Cindy Frey


            Columbus Area Chamber of Commerce

"Communities across Indiana and the US are looking to their riverfronts as assets for spurring economic growth.  Riverfront development is increasingly seen as means of attracting dollars and activity to underutilized areas.  Columbus is poised to join the growing number of cities investing in downtown waterways as means of shaping development, enhancing livability, increasing property values, and promoting health and fitness."

          - Karen Niverson

            Executive Director

            Columbus Indiana Area Visitors Center

"The Columbus Riverfront Project attempts to give all those that visit the river those opportunities: to watch, interact and be near the river. Cities across the nation understand the importance of waterfront development and the City of Columbus is beginning to understand the importance as well."  

          - Tony Moravec

"An active riverfront area will add to the allure of our city and will help attract more skilled workers needed to fill future jobs.  Most importantly, a redesigned riverfront will give our citizens safe access to a natural resource that is currently underutilized"

          - Kyle Hendricks

Riverfront Redevelopment in the Midwest


Redeveloped Riverfronts are creating valuable assets and driving economic development for communities across the Midwest.  Click on the cities below to see some of the exciting ways communities have revitalized their riverfronts into beautiful parks and greenways that are reconnecting people to their rivers and waterways.  

White River,


Project Team:

Mayor Jim Lienhoop

Director of Redevelopment  Heather Pope

Columbus Redevelopment Commission

Sarah Cannon, President

Al Roszczyk, Vice President

Don Trapp, Secretary

Kyle Hendricks

Kenny Whipker

Stan Gamso

Jeff Caldwell, BCSC Representative


City Council

Tom Dell, President

Jerone Wood

Elaine Hilber

David Bush

Frank Miller

Tim Shuffett

Grace Kestler, At-Large

Randy Royer

Landscape Architect / Design Team Lead

Hitchcock Design Group

Scott Shipley

River Recreation

S2O Design and Engineering

Dan Martin

Market Economics

Market & Feasibility Advisors

Jason Larrison

Project Manager

Core Planning Strategies

Bill Hawkins

Civil, Structural, & Electrical Engineering

Strand Associates

Contact information:

Heather Pope

Director of Redevelopment

Columbus Redevelopment Commission


Randy Royer

Lansdcape Architect / Design Team Lead

Hitchcock Design Group